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Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Family/Friendship
Warnings: Non-main Character Death
McKay and Mrs. Miller, The Tao of Rodney
Characters/Pairing: John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Teyla Emmagen, Ronon Dex, Jeannie McKay, and Rodney McKay, none
Length: 357
Disclaimers: Nope.  I wish.
You'll either cry, laugh your butt off, or roll your eyes.  Or possibly a combination thereof. Dedicated to beloved kittypets everywhere.

Summary: When Rodney gets a message from home about a death that hits him harder than some might expect, his team rallies around him and helps him see that life goes on.

When they arrived back at the house they found that Jeanie had been busy and had put the two alien members of the team to work as well making lunch.

Rodney took a plate and then allowed himself to be shooed back out to sit on a couch.

"So, Rodney,” Sheppard said, “tell us about Trixie.”

Rodney didn't look like he was really in the mood, but Teyla saw this and jumped in before he could find a way around it.

Your sister said that she was a gift from your grandmother.”

Yeah.” He smiled at the memory despite himself. “She came to my graduation. I was surprised to see her because I didn't think anyone knew but Grammy Trixie . . . She always knew things she shouldn't have. She was just sitting there in her wheelchair with a big smile on her face and a ball of orange fur in her lap. She wasn't one to beat around the bush. She just told me to hold out my hand and put Trixie into it and said that now that I had my degree the only things I needed were a job and a family. She had no doubt I'd take care of the first and though she wanted to help with the second it was really something I had to do myself. In the meantime I'd best get used to having someone else around. That was what Trixie was for.”

Jeanie had come in during the story and she saw where his team was taking this and was more than happy to help.

Do you remember that time she got all tangled up in the cables and wires behind your TV?”

Rodney rolled his eyes.

Oh gosh yes. Two o'clock in the morning and I'm awakened by a yowl like someone's skinning her.”

How'd she get back there?” Ronon asked.

Chasing a toy mouse she'd knocked back there. Took me almost half an hour to get her out . . .”

Sheppard sat back and smiled in satisfaction.

This probably wasn't what Grammy Bea had intended when she told her grandson to get himself a family, he thought. But somehow, it worked.

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