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Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Family/Friendship
Warnings: Non-main Character Death
McKay and Mrs. Miller, The Tao of Rodney
Characters/Pairing: John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Teyla Emmagen, Ronon Dex, Jeannie McKay, and Rodney McKay, none
Length: 636
Disclaimers: Nope.  I wish.
You'll either cry, laugh your butt off, or roll your eyes.  Or possibly a combination thereof. Dedicated to beloved kittypets everywhere.

Summary: When Rodney gets a message from home about a death that hits him harder than some might expect, his team rallies around him and helps him see that life goes on.

It was almost midnight when the knock came on Rodney's door.

He groaned and debated ignoring it hoping they'd look elsewhere or give up.

Open up, McKay!” Sheppard called. “We know you're in there.”

Well that was that. Sheppard wasn't going to give up and he more than likely did know Rodney was here.

He climbed out of bed and went to the door, waving it open, his glare already set to stun. He was surprised to see Elizabeth directly in his line of sight and blinked, losing the focus of his anger.

May we come in?” she asked. “It won't take long.”

He swept a glance over his team behind her, noting they each carried a box, and then gave up.

Sure. Come on in.”

Elizabeth smiled her thanks and led the way.

Where should we put this stuff?” Sheppard asked.

What is it?” Rodney asked in confusion.

Stuff,” Sheppard responded and got a glare, but didn't back down.

Wherever,” Rodney finally said.

They each set down the box and then went back out and got another one.

What the . . .” Rodney said as he watched them bring in fifteen medium to large sized boxes.

Finally they seemed to be done, except for Sheppard who left one last time and returned with what looked to be one of the smaller boxes of the lot.

He set it down with a flourish and then Elizabeth began.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there on Earth, Rodney.”

Oh, um . . . that's okay,” Rodney said, stealing glances at his teammates.

And I'm sorry for your loss.”

Um, thank you.”

We got you something,” Sheppard said, all but rocking on his heels in anticipation. “Open it.”

Rodney looked around at the stacks of boxes. “You got me more than one something and you really didn't have to.”

Sheppard waved it off. “The rest of it is all related to this one. And yes we did. Now open it.”

With an arched eyebrow Rodney did as ordered and pulled open the flaps of the box. He stared down into the box for a few very long moments, then back up at his team. He looked last at Elizabeth and she grinned.

But the regulations-”

You know, it's funny. There isn't technically a regulation against this. And even if there were, as the one in charge of this expedition it's within my power to make exceptions.”

Any further protests he might have lodged were cut off by the imperious squeak of a meow from the box.

With a slightly trembling hand he reached in and picked up the little fluff ball, cuddling it against his chest and grinning when a loud purr was the immediate response.

Big green eyes stared back at him above a pink nose and then the petite gray tabby with a white bib planted her tiny paws on Rodney's chest and stretched up to rub her head against his chin. He ran a hand down the kitten's back and the purring grew louder as her spine arched into the stroke.

He chuckled and continued to nuzzle his new furry friend while his team mates watched with smiles. Now this was a side of Rodney McKay you didn't often see.

Thank you,” he finally said, sounding just a little choked up.

You're welcome,” Elizabeth answered for all of them. “Now we'll leave the two of you to get acquainted.”

Sheppard was the last to go and he cast one last look at his best friend and smiled.

Don't stay up too late, McKay,” he ordered, momentarily pulling the blue gaze up to his own. “We still have a mission in the morning.”

McKay just grinned and then went back to his new roommate.

Sheppard let the door shut and went off to his own quarters, whistling a happy tune.

Review plz&thx.

I may someday get around to writing a sequel to this.  For now though, it's done.  Let me know how you feel if you would be so kind. Thanks!


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