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Rating: R for violence and drug use . . . Ha! Gotcha! It’s really a G (unless mention of sleeping pills and the presence of a nine mil is all it takes for my previous rating to stand . . .)
Genre: Gen, Friendship
Warnings: Yes. Oh, you want to know what? Um . . . DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!!! I mean . . . nah. Unless lack of sleep constitutes whumping now?
Spoilers: Mild for The Storm/The Eye, The Siege Arc
John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Carson Beckett, and Rodney McKay, none
Summary: He didn't sleep.
Length: 361
Disclaimers: Nope.  Not even close.
Dedicated to Lily. We started on this road of madness together and after over a decade of travel, the journey’s only gotten better!

He didn't sleep after the Storm and the Genii because there was work and worry.

He didn't sleep before the Wraith came because there was too little time and not enough hope.

He didn't sleep during the Siege because they still had a chance . . . but only if he made it work.

He hasn't slept before or during this crisis, but Carson and John and Elizabeth will make sure he sleeps after it.

Even if they have to drug him, tie him down, and threaten to send him back to Earth, he will sleep.

Each came to the Jumper Bay to find him on their own, though when they meet at the doors they silently agree to stand as a united front.

But when the doors open to reveal their exhausted savior he manages to counter them before they can strike.

Holding out an open hand to Carson as he hands his nine mil to John, he looks to Elizabeth.

"I'm locking my door and leaving my radio in my lab. If something happens that requires my expertise, tell it to come back next week. I'm going to bed."

Without a word Carson hands over the small baggie of pills and John takes the gun.

Elizabeth simply nods.

"Good night, Rodney."

No idea where it came from but there ya go. Thoughts?


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